Risk awareness

The perception of the risk in a country is often colored by the media, external experiences and the lack of information. This is why our experts work to raise the awareness of your staff on the security situation in any country or region. Far from falling into the clichés about the dangers of Latin America, this training presents the risks in an objective manner, as well as protection measures that should be adopted to reduce exposure.

Crisis management training

Our experts in crisis management will help you create, train and lead your crisis management committee, an essential tool for any company facing security issues. The training addresses themes such as how to act in a crisis, the methods to face it and how to communicate during this sensitive period. The didactic methodology includes a presentation, case studies and simulations.

Immediate response training

This course lasting around 36 hours involves practical training, focused on immediate reaction. It teaches participants the bases of how to react appropriately in cases of various security threats (kidnapping, assault, shooting, etc.). It includes a driving component as well as theoretical and practical workshops.