Audits and Security Planning

Audits and safety assessments

We evaluate the entire existing security system on your sites and issue a diagnosis as well as recommendations to maximize your safety.

The audits and evaluations can cover the headquarter of the enterprise (or some of its affiliates), as well as branch offices, warehouses or the residences of the executives and staff abroad.

General safety plan

The general safety plan combines all the elements regarding the security of your sites and/or organization. It’s a didactic document addressed to the direction of the company that establishes a course of action for the elaboration of your safety policies, taking in consideration all the security processes (property and persons) as well as the general organization of the site (in its security dimension).

Crisis management plan

The crisis management plan will be the guiding thread in case of crisis. This plan gathers the critical information and precisely defines the actions to be conducted at every step of the development of the crisis, taking in consideration its three dimensions: administration, operation and communication.


  • Evaluation of expatriate staff’s home security in Mexico City
  • General safety audit of a dairy factory in Venezuela
  • Development of a general safety plan for a branch of an enterprise presents in Salvador

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