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Grupo Irena: Our Role in Large Infrastructure Projects

In recent years, Mexico has become an ever more constant destination for infrastructure investments. From major railway programs to improved highways and ever more frequent renewable energy plants, these mega-projects have sought out reliable partners to plan for and handle potential security issues. Grupo Irena’s expertise lies in helping its clients put in place security […]

Why risk awareness training is right for you

The emotion of moving to Mexico can hit executives and their families at different moments. But when does it hit? When waiting to board the plane, as the wheels hit the runway, walking into a new home, the first day at the office? What may matter more than this is what form this emotion takes. […]


Does Community Policing Really Work in Mexico?

Serve and protect is far from a reality for police in Mexico. While there are many honest, hardworking cops in the Mexican local and federal police forces, they sadly operate in a system which fosters corruption. A history of scandals have tainted the institution, with officers either being paid to look away or not trained […]

Phone Extortion, How to Handle and Remove the Threat

Phone extortion is a scourge across Latin America. Any business or individual in the region is likely to face this threat, directly or indirectly. For many, these calls are an inconvenience but, with methods becoming more varied and personalized, they can become all too serious. The usual method of scammers seeking to convince random targets […]